Sunday, September 14, 2008

Liposuction and the Tummy Tuck

What is Liposuction?
Liposuction is the process of removing fat by using small cannulas that are inserted through tiny incisions in the skin. It is one of the most powerful discoveries in body contouring. Liposuction goes by many names these days including laser assisted lipo (LAL), ultrasound assisted lipo (UAL), power assisted lipo (PAL), etc. All of these modalities have differences and similarities, the final component, however, is always the use of tiny incisions to access fat underneath the skin.

Is there a role for Liposuction in Tummy Tucks?
Liposuction is an almost indispensible tool for giving the very best results possible for the tummy tuck procedure. Although not every tummy tuck candidate benefits from liposuction during the tummy tuck procedure, I would estimate that 90+ percent do.

How is Liposuction beneficial in Tummy Tucks?
In three different ways:
1) To thin the abdominal soft-tissue apron. Remenber, part of the primary goal of the tummy tuck procedure is to "Thin". Despite the fact that tissue will be removed with the tummy tuck procedure, the remaining tissue may and frequently is still relatively thick from an ideal cosmetic result standpoint. Liposuction can be used to uniformily thin the fat of the abdomen.
2) To contour the areas near the abdomen. The tummy tuck procedure will improve the contour of.......the abdomen. Frequently, the areas of the flank, hips, thighs, and near the bra/breast area may appear in contrast to the now improved tummy tuck contour. Liposuction can be used to contour these areas so that not only does the abdominal contour and silhouette look great, but your whole trunk area looks thinner, uniform, and beautiful.
3) To scultp the abdominal surface. I frequently will emphasize the vertical groove in the middle of the abdomen by using liposuction. This groove is sometimes referred to as the "Champagne Groove". (Google it for a colorful explanation). This is a very important part of the attractiveness of the abdomen, so I strive to create or improve it's appearence.

Are there some patients who are not candidates for Liposuction during their Tummy Tuck?
The short answer is yes. Some patients are higher risk for healing following tummy tuck. Patients who are heavy smokers, certain abdominal scars that may interrupt the blood supply to the abdominal skin and soft-tissue, etc., may not be candidates for the use of liposuction of the abdominal soft-tissue itself. Of course, liposuction can still be used in the areas around the abdomen to improve the overall contour of the trunk, but liposuction of the abdominal soft-tissue itself at the same time of the tummy tuck should be used with caution in this group of patients that present with increased risk of healing issues.

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Candice Rios said...

I'm a 58 year old female 2 months post tummy tuck. I'm noticing a had golf like ball above the belly button. I'm so worried, I toldmy ps, he says we will watch it and then decide.

john smith said...

Thank you for sharing. Good share. Keep spreading your educative ideas.A tummy tuck is the most effective way to tighten your stomach area. It also gets rid of loose or wrinkled skin.

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