Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Extended Tummy Tuck

Extended Tummy Tuck

What is the extended tummy tuck procedure?
The extended tummy tuck also referred to as extended abdominoplasty, is an abdominal cotouring procedure that is designed to remove a maximum amount of extra skin and soft-tissue laxity without a scar that goes all the way around the waist (circumferential tummy tuck or body lift). Most patients that have a significant amount of extra skin and soft-tissue laxity around the waist are best served by a body lift also known as a circumferential abdominoplasty. However, for various reasons, patients may either not want a body lift or may not be an ideal candidate to undergo the body lift procedure. In these cases the extended tummy tuck is a great procedure that will allow maximum improvement of the extra skin and soft-tissue laxity.

How long is the incision?
The short answer is that it is as long as your body needs it to be to remove the extra tissue without creating folds of tissue at the ends of the incision which may be seen when too short of an incision is used. By definition, the incision used for the extended tummy tuck is longer that a full tummy tuck procedure but shorter than a circumferential tummy tuck. As a general rule the extended tummy tuck incision spans from about one palm witdh beyond each hip bone on both sides or about 3-5 inches longer on both sides than a full tummy tuck.

What else is involved in the extended tummy tuck procedure?
The goal of the extended tummy tuck procedure is the same as any other tummy tuck procedure, namely to thin, to flatten, and to tighten. To accomplish this, liposuction of the abdomen, hips, and flanks is performed when needed/or deemed beneficial to the overall result. In addition, muscle tightening or muscle repair is also performed to help flatten the abdominal wall. Finally, the extra skin and soft-tissue is removed, allowing the tummy to be tighter in profile and shape.

Next up. The body lift or circumferential abdominoplasty.

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Anonymous said...

I had liposuction in 2014 with a surgeon and didn't do my research and scar tissue was formed . I had revision Lipo woth a very qualified doctor ( it helped much not much ) , I still have a bulge in my abdomen ( confirmed as scar tissue )
I also had lipo done on my chin with the 2nd surgeon and my results were amazing . But , I was suffering from Ibs and gained some weight back and went to have a 2nd lchin lipo surgery done and had a small lump form under my chin . My surgeon confirmed that I did have very minor scar tissue after my 1st lipo and unfortunately had more after my 2nd chin lipo ( I am prone to scar tissue )
Both these surgeries were done in 2014 , can anything be done to remove the scar tissue under my chin ( small lump ) and the scar tissue in my abdomen .

Thank You Dr Repta

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