Sunday, April 26, 2009

Buttock Fat Grafting

What is buttock fat grafting?

Buttocks fat grafting is the process of removing fat from other areas of the body such as the abdomen, lower back, hips, and thighs and placing it in the buttock area. The fat is harvested or removed by a method similar to liposuction and it is transferred or grafted to the buttock area after processing. The entire event occurs in the operating room (or procedure room for small areas).

When is buttocks fat grafting performed?

It is performed most commonly for augmentation, or increasing the size of the buttocks, as well as shaping and correcting contour irregularities.

What are the benefits of fat grafting?

It is your own tissue. The fat that is grafted into the buttocks area forms new blood supply. In doing so it changes as your body changes. It feels soft and unform without the notion that it is something distinct from the surrounding tissue. There is of course the added benefit of improved contour in the areas where the fat has been harvested from.

What are the drawbacks of buttocks fat grafting?

Buttocks fat grafting requires excess fat in other parts of the body. Some women, especially those that feel their butt is too small, are usually fairly thin and the amount of fat needed may not be readily available. These patients are better candidates for buttock augmentation using an implant (see next entry for buttock implants). Buttocks fat grafting should not be used to correct buttock ptosis (saggy buttock). In these cases, a buttock lift with or without augmentation should be perfomed.

What is the recovery time like?

Patients who have undergone buttock fat grafting have uniformily been suprised at the low level of discomfort. Usually, the areas where fat has been harvested is felt more than the buttock area. Restrictions involve avoiding vigorous activity or prolonged sitting especially on non-padded surfaces.

Stay tuned for buttocks augmentation using implants as the next blog entry.

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Dr. Repta
Phoenix/Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

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