Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Circumferential tummy tuck (Body Lift)

What is a Body Lift or Circumferential tummy tuck?

This procedure can be thought of as a full tummu tuck and a buttock lift. The incision goes all the way around the waist, hence the term circumferential, and helps remove skin laxity from the tummy, the hips, and the buttocks. The result is usually flattening and tightening of the tummy and lifting of the hips/thighs and buttocks. The tummy tuck component of the procedure is performed in similar fashion as a full tummy tuck with liposuction where needed, and muscle tightening to help flatten the tummy.

Who is a candidate for a Body Lift?

Patients with a lot of excess skin and soft-tissue laxity are good candidates for the Body Lift procedure. Often, candidates for a body lift have had some degree of weight loss either from bariatric surgery or from regular dieting.

Where are the incisions?
The incision is hidden in the underwear line around the waist and is very well tolerated. In certain circumstances, an additional vertical incision is made in the middle to reduce the laxity from side-to-side. This is done when there is a previous vertical incision and/or there is tremendous amount of laxity and the patient wants maximum correction and tightening.

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